Officers and Committees

Taking Agriculture into the Future

We’re thankful for our committees and members who dedicate their time to help make the Jefferson County Agri-Business club able to provide the resources and education to make a lasting impact on agriculture.

Jefferson Agribusiness Club Officer Team

President: Rachel Backlund
Ph: 772-913-4475 • Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Bill Blossfeld          
Ph: 920-728-4534 • Email: [email protected]

Secretary: Tom Novak             
Ph: 262-903-0698 • Email:

Treasurer: Mike Ulsberger     
Ph: 920-650-6370 • Email: [email protected]

Past President: Bill Uecker              
Ph: 920-285-9125 • Email: [email protected]

Director #1: Roland Altreuter (term ending in April 2024)
Ph: 920-728-4449

Director #2: Kerry Eiler (term ending in April 2025)
Ph: 574-952-0809 • Email: [email protected]

Director #3: Katelyn Allen (term ending in April 2026)
Ph: 240-397-4384 • Email: [email protected]


Finance and Fundraising Committee

Co-Chairs: Paul Hadler and Tom Novak

Paul: Ph: 608-322-8011 • Email: [email protected]

Tom: Ph: 262-903-0698 • Email: [email protected]

Description: The Committee shall seek and promote fund raising activities for the Club.

Duties: Planning and Running the Food Stand at the Jefferson County Fair, planning and running the Cheese Sale, plan new fundraisers, create a budget for fundraisers and memorials, collecting dues

Members: Bill Blossfeld and Tracy Novak

Membership and Publicity Committee

Chair: Patti Hurtgen
Ph: 612-616-5383 • Email: [email protected]

Description: The committee shall seek ways to promote membership and inform the public on our activities:

Members: Bill Blossfeld, Tracy Novak and Bill Uecker

Programs and Arrangements Committee

Chair: Bill Uecker              
Ph: 920-285-9125 • Email: [email protected]

Description: The Program Committee shall select and arrange programs and make arrangements for regular meetings.  This committee is Chaired by the Past President.

Duties: Setting up the meeting programs, meeting arrangements, legislation, summer/fall picnic and Christmas Program.


Agribusiness Club Trailers and Equipment Committee

Description and Duties:  This committee is responsible for making sure all equipment/trailers are ready to be used.  This committee will advise the board with recommendations on items that need to be replaced or added to the clubs equipment.  They will also serve as contact people for renting out of the Club’s Equipment.


Paul Hadler – Ph: 608-322-8011 • Email: [email protected]

Troye Klecker – Ph: 920-988-7040 • Email: [email protected]

Tom Novak – Ph: 262-903-0698 • Email: [email protected]

Grant and Scholarship Committee

Chair: Leigh Cheesebro
Ph: 920-723-1881 • Email: [email protected]

Description and Duties: The committee will be responsible in sending out the club’s grant and Scholarship applications to Schools and Agricultural organizations. Also review Grant and Scholarship applications and make recommendations to the Club on who and how much should be awarded to each Grant and Scholarship recipient.

Members: Roland Altreuter, Katelyn Allen, Rachel Backlund, Tyson Barnes, Andy Bolton, Patti Hurtgen and Tracy Novak

4th Grade Farm Tour/Ag in Class Room Committee

Chair: Mariah Hadler
Ph: 920-222-2288  • Email: [email protected]

Members:  Patti Hurtgen and Katie Kutz

Description/Duties: This committee is responsible with planning and organizing the annual 4th grade Farm Tour held at Kutz Dairy and getting all necessary agriculture education material to the schools that participate in the program.

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